"Stay-at-Home Mom" is also a Full-Time Job

Yes, you read that right - Full Time Job!

So many people roll their eyes on reading "full time job"

"She doesn't know what a full-time job means! She has probably never worked in the real world and then come home to do household chores!"

And there are so many sighs of relief too!

"Finally someone understands!"

Earlier the moms who chose to go to work were reprimanded constantly!

"She doesn't care about her kids. She is never around for them!"

Over the years, the tables seemed to have turned.

I keep hearing about comments the stay-at-home moms have to listen to, whether from their spouse, in-laws, family or friends.

Comments filled with envy..

"Oh, you don't work? How lucky, you have so much time on hand."

Demeaning comments..

"I just can't sit at home. It's such an idle life."

And some which make the listener feel useless...

"I can't make it today. Some people 'work' you know!"

Yes, of course there are some stay at home moms, who are home but not present with their kids; the kids are either looked after by the maid/nanny or in-laws or left to fend for themselves. But that is not the case with a stay at home mom who chooses to be home for the kids, who chooses to be a home-maker. Both of them are full time jobs. In fact, sometimes, it is easier to leave the house and go to work, rather than face the tantrums of a child or the non stop banter in the house! Going outside to work gives a refreshing change of environment and the opportunity to meet like minded people. Many probably use work as a form of escapism also from their daily lives, consciously or subconsciously.

Some moms work because they don't have an option; they need to contribute to the family finances.But the others have a choice, and some choose to have a career while others prefer staying at home, to look after their home and kids. And both choices are FINE! There is none that is better or worse, right or wrong. And both are equally exhausting and demanding! And nobody, absolutely nobody, has the right to judge or belittle either of the choices! We must learn to respect and support the decision, as well as appreciate the efforts that need to be made in both cases.

Whether a mom chooses to be a career woman or a home maker, she is following her heart; her own path. And as long as she is creating value for herself and others, she deserves nothing less than a huge round of applause!

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