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My Story

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Rupal Jasraj Patel


I am a Child Psychologist, Parenting Coach, Author, and Parent & Child Counsellor.

After completing my graduation in Commerce, I studied clothing production and worked in the fashion industry for about 7 years. However, a desire to make a greater difference led to me doing my E.C.C.E. (Early Child Care and Education) and working in a pre-school for a year until my daughter was born.

Being an avid reader, I read various parenting books and enrolled in parenting courses online to sharpen my own parenting skills. Little did I know at that time that this would become the ‘career of my life’. And I am so glad that it did. The fulfilment at seeing parent-child relationships transform, and the satisfaction at being told that I have been even a tiny bit instrumental in effecting that change, matches no other.

When I started, back in 2001, there was practically nobody doing parenting workshops in India and everyone looked at me like I had lost my plot. But I stayed strong to my conviction that if we require training for every other job of our life, why not parenting? After all, that's the Most Important Job we are ever going to do, the most important role we will ever play!

In spite of the obstacles, I realised that my passion and mission lay in creating value for parents and children and I decided to pursue it further. I did my postgraduate study in the field of counselling and psychology and underwent further training with Dr. Michael Popkin, Founder of Active Parenting, U.S.A. Having gained the required qualifications to follow my dream, the journey began. And since then there has been no looking back!

And till today, my greatest desire remains to be able contribute and create value for as many parents and children as i can - to walk with them, even for a miniscule part of the journey, would be my great honour and privilege.


To bring out the best in every child, and empower parents and teachers to do the same

My vision is to enhance and foster as many parent-child relationships as I can. The genuine love that I have for children and the desire that pulsates within me to create immense value in their lives, is the driving force that keeps pushing me ahead so that I can, in whatever way possible, help each one bring out their highest potential and become happy.

My aim is to empower every parent with tools and techniques that will help them in building a strong relationship with their child and put them on the path towards raising children who are self-confident, courageous, responsible, co-operative and well –rounded individuals who will contribute to the world.

I want to spread parenting education far and wide so as to strengthen more and more parent-child relationships, create happier families and contribute to the growth and development of the future generation!

I also want to empower teachers so that they use encouragement techniques as well as positive discipline and communication skills in the classroom and help each child become the best version of themselves.

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