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Counselling Sessions

Sunaina Bhagwat

(Digital Marketing Professional &

Mother of a 19-year-old)

Trying to navigate a challenging time during the lockdown, a friend suggested that I do a session with Rupal to gain some clarity on how to get through this phase.

Booking an online session (we used Zoom) was a very seamless process.

Even though it was a virtual meeting, I have to say I felt comfortable from the word go (this was the first time I tried counselling). She was warm, and I was able to share what I was going through without any inhibitions, in fact, I felt I had known her for a while!

Her insights and reading of the situation were true and all through the session, she guided me with wisdom and so much compassion. She did not hurry me at all and listened openly without any judgement.

Even though I was apprehensive before starting, I have to admit, I’m glad I opened my mind to counselling, as I gained so much clarity and felt I could definitely turn this situation around to absolute happiness!
Thank you Rupal!

Sonu Gupta

(Homemaker & Mother of 2 girls aged 8 &12)

I had approached Rupal when I was having a really tough time with my elder daughter during the first phase of lockdown.

However, after speaking to Rupal I felt calmer and in a better frame of mind to handle the situation. Rupal explained things in a very simple fashion and gave basic tips on how to deal with the umpteen situations that a mother faces every day.

Parenting is an ongoing process with challenges at all stages, now I try to make the most of today and try to have some fun in whatever way I can with each of my daughters.

I am grateful Rupal for the insights that you gave me.

Uma Singh

(Homemaker and Mother of 2 girls)

Rupal has given an insight into parenting which has been very practical and implementable.

I definitely have benefitted.

The way she conducts the programme in a practical and lucid manner leaves one feeling that much the wiser.

I wish her success always.


Rukhshar Himanshu Kapur

(Homemaker and 

Mother of 2 toddlers)

I was fortunate to have done the workshop 'Devils Darlings Discipline' with Rupal. And it totally took me by surprise.


Thanks to her extensive experience and learning in this field, she has a wealth of information and tips on how to handle and tackle kids and their myriad moods and behaviours. It was very informative & well explained.


Rupal conducted the session in a detailed manner covering all the aspects of that particular age group. I benefitted from it so much that I am waiting to do it all over again even if it’s the same workshop!


I totally recommend it to all parents who are having a rough time with their kids. It will surely set the path for a better relationship and understanding between you and your child.

Shambhavi Doshi

(Software Professional and 

Mother of 2 toddlers)

It was a lovely workshop and quite insightful.


It has helped me understand how we can be better parents to our kids - how to be empathetic and use love and positivity to encourage them to be independent and confident.

I have already started to implement some of the points we covered in the workshop and I do see the difference in my attitude towards my child and hers too.

Rupal, you were patient and answered all my questions. Thank you.

I will be recommending this workshop to my friends :)

Shibani Mugve Khansaheb

(Homemaker and 

Mother of a 2 year old)

Ever since I attended the workshop, I have been seeing a marked difference in my relationship with my daughter.


It has helped me not only to implement the advice you gave me but also to help understand her better.


It has made a huge difference.


Thank you so much!!       

On MY journey of empowerment,

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