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Parenting Goals! Hmmm...What's that?

The time has come once again to start afresh! To set goals and make resolutions for the New Year!

But more often than not, parenting goals don't make the list. When in actuality, those are some of the most important ones because not only will they help you de-stress and stay calm, but will also make a positive impact on your relationship with your children, leading to happier, more harmonious family lives!

However, many parents are lost when it comes to setting parenting goals but it is exactly the same as you would for anything else in your life - figure out what you want to achieve and then work towards achieving it.

To get you started, below are a few questions you can ask yourself, and a suggested action plan to get you there.

  • Do I want to build a stronger bond with my child?

  • Do I want the temper tantrums to reduce?

  • Do I want a happy family?

Action Plan:

Spend More Time With Your Children.

The key is to spend one on one time on a daily basis – even if it is just 10 or 15 minutes on a busy day. Get to really know them, their passions, their dreams, their fears.

  • Do I want my child to become self-confident?

  • Do I want him to have self-belief?

  • Do I want her to be self-motivated?

Action Plan:

Encourage! Encourage! Encourage!

I am sure all parents want to encourage their children but let us step it up another notch here. Make a conscious effort to encourage – focus on their strengths, on what they are doing right and what you appreciate about them. And be sure to vocalise those thoughts!

  • Do I want my child to share her problems with me?

  • Do I want to create precious memories with my child?

  • Do I want my child to listen when I talk?

Action Plan:

Listen More. Childhood does not wait for anyone. Make the time to really listen when your kids talk, no matter what their age. Even when they are just babbling, they need your undivided attention and respect! Look up from your laptop, switch off the television, get off what's app, put down that newspaper - not only will you strengthen the bond with your kids but you will be opening up the path for future communication too.

  • Do I want to be a good parent?

  • Do I want to lead by example?

  • Do I want to be calm when dealing with stressful situations?

Action Plan:

Look After Yourself Just as a tired child is a cranky child, a tired and stressed parent can reach a whole new level of crankiness! Take time for yourself. Find your de-stressor – whether music, books, movies, exercise, spirituality, or just going for a walk. Look after your health – not just physical but also your mental and emotional well being. A happy parent will be able to easily lead even a cranky child on the path to joy!

  • Is parenting a priority for me?

  • Am I willing to enhance my parenting skills?

  • Do I want to create the maximum impact on my child's life?

  • Should I wait till I have problems to join a parenting program/parent counseling or should I book a session now so that I can avoid the problems from occurring at all?

Action Plan:

Enhance Your Parenting Skills. Enrol in a Parenting Program/ Book a Parent Counselling Session - Online Or Offline!

Most parents think parenting should be intuitive; something they should inherently know. While that is partly true, but just as a person who is inherently good at teaching needs to learn skills to become a better teacher or a person who is creatively inclined needs to take art lessons, we need to learn skills too; especially since we have the most important role in life - that of being a parent, of impacting another human being!

And the starting point for any of the above is your determination, your resolution, your goal!

Use these resolutions or make your own, Just be determined to set the tone, Start afresh, start anew, Create happy memories for your child and you!!

Make your parenting resolutions NOW!

Happy Parenting! :)

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